Overview of Our Firm


Symons Capital Management (SCM) is an independent Institutional long-only investment management firm focused on one activity for one purpose – “Investment Risk Management with a Singular Focus on Generating Above-Benchmark Returns with Below-Benchmark Risks over Full Market Cycles.” We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with an office in Marlton, NJ.

Our success in generating long-term returns above the benchmark and managing risk is based on our research and business independence – our research team, our research process, and our single focus on stock research and portfolio management while investing side-by-side with our clients in our strategies. 100% of the principals’ investment assets and the firm’s retirement plan are invested in Symons Capital Management strategies. Our firm’s goals include having our work both free from conflict with other business interests and in our client’s best interests as we engage in only one activity – long-term stock research and portfolio management to minimize downside risk and generate sustainable wealth.

We believe the long-term values we offer to our clients are intellectual independence, investment performance, risk management, experience, discipline, and accessibility.

Michael, Colin & Lou