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The investment objective of the Symons Value Institutional Fund (the “Fund”) is long-term capital appreciation.
The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of companies, with market capitalizations at the time of purchase above approximately $500 million, that are trading at attractive prices and that appear to have limited downside price risk over the long-term. The adviser defines a “value” company as one that is trading at less than its intrinsic value, as determined by the adviser, and that does not appear to present significant downside price risk. The adviser’s “value” strategy places a strong emphasis on risk aversion. The Fund typically holds approximately 25-40 companies, representing various products or service lines of business. To the extent the adviser can find “value” companies whose stocks are trading at sufficiently attractive prices for purchase in various sectors, it will attempt to allocate the Fund’s investments among a broad cross-section of market sectors and industries. However, there may be times when the Fund may hold a large portion of its assets in any one sector at a given time. The Fund will not hold more than 25% of its assets in any one industry.

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